space pilot pro - simultaniously key pressed

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space pilot pro - simultaniously key pressed

Post by CMerz » Fri May 20, 2016 9:52 am

using your space pilot pro device together with my win32 application for controlling a PTZ (pan, tilt zoom) camera works well. implementing the buttons i actually have some problems in a special case.
I can see all buttons events (31) in my application, including the long press buttons e.g. Number 6-10.
So i´d like to use key combinations shift+number, alt+number ctrl+number for the functions save/call/delete a position 1-10 (pelco-d) of the camera device

Holding "ALT" or some other key pressed i got the first key pressed event
pressing "1" short i got the event and the mask bData.current display "ALT and 1" is pressed simultaniously. This is OK.

while holding the ALT or some other key pressed and pressing "1" long to get the "6"" there will be no more event for key pressed to register in my software.
generaly: holding a key and pressing a 2nd one short will work. Holding a key pressed and use one of the long-press buttons as a 2nd key there is no notification.

if (Event.type == SI_BUTTON_PRESS_EVENT)
SbButtonPressEvent(Event.u.hwButtonEvent.buttonNumber); // process button press event
FMOUSE3D->Memo1->Lines->Add(Event.u.spwData.bData.current); //debug, just check the press events in a memo

Some idea? Maybe a bug on your or my side? Hope for help - otherwise i can use only the 1-5 buttons :-(
thanks in advance,

//using embarcadero XE7 C++ builder

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Re: space pilot pro - simultaniously key pressed

Post by ngomes » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:38 am

Hi CMerz,

If the SpacePilot Pro ALT button is down, the device does not detect "long press" events.

This is a device limitation, not a bug in your software.

Sorry for not replying sooner.
Nuno Gomes

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