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Remap Axes

Post by jdaley » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:11 am

I am trying to remap 2 sets of axes: Vertical pan / zoom and roll / spin.

I've been in contact with someone from technical support and they've gotten me as far as going into the XML for my application (Inventor 2018) but he was unable to tell me which axes I need to edit. I can see in the XML that there are X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, and Rz for axes. I would assume that Y is vertical pan and Z is zoom, and Ry would then be spin and Rz roll, but I'm not sure. And, I'm also not sure what I would specifically need to change in order to remap.

Can someone in here please help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Remap Axes

Post by jwick » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:17 pm

The axis nomenclature comes from HID and is an extension of that used for the 2D mouse.

This is how I remember it:
X is obvious (left/right).
Y is forward and backward on the table (like sliding your 2d mouse away from/toward you). Same direction as the 2D mouse.
Z is the one that the 2D mouse doesn't have (up/down toward the ceiling / floor).
The rotations are right-handed rotations around those axes.

There is an Input element. This is the axis coming from the device, using the above scheme.

Each of those is normally mapped to the same Output. But you can rearrange those anyway you want. Including ways that make little sense, like having two input axes map to the same output axis. Good luck if you do that.

We do heavily discourage you from remapping these. When you learn the traditional/consistent way, your experience and skill will be applied to many other applications. But I do understand that people have their own way of thinking about the device. This is why I give you the freedom to be in charge.

To encourage the traditional orientation, the Axes are not normally in the cfg files. They are all inherited from one single place (Base.xml). If you want to change them per application, copy the Axes definitions from Base into the application-specific cfg file.

I suggest you change one axis at a time to see the effect of your change. I always do.
And turn on the Dominant filter, or turn off all the other axes.

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