C# SDK 4.0.1

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C# SDK 4.0.1

Post by Davross » Tue Jul 14, 2020 8:41 am

I am trying to use the Space Navigator as an XY and Z jog controller for a high precision measurement instrument. Simply put, I want to be able to interrogate 3 out of the 6 axes and use these to manipulate a motion system.

I have previously had this working under 32-bit using raw input and _3DXMouse.cs sample code that I found on the Internet, however when I switched to 64-bit application, raw input breaks and I get no translation/rotation vectors.

I believe it is to do with the structure size of RAWINPUT being inconsistent between 32 to 64-bit, but despite numerous attempts, I cannot rectify this situation.

As alternative, I have now implemented the new 4.0.1 SDK into our code, and while I can trigger the MotionEvent, I am confused as to how to then get the current joystick values out. Should I be querying the camera object, or am I missing something else?

Has anybody managed to achieve working raw input code in 64-bit, or deciphered the new SDK to do this? Any help or sample code gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks

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