Using other hardware with the 3DConnexion plugins

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Using other hardware with the 3DConnexion plugins

Post by MMTE » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:14 am

In much the same way as x360ce takes DirectInput and converts it to XInput, I'm looking for a way to take DirectInput and convert it to 3DConnexion language. This would mean DirectInput devices could be used to manipulate 3D models in any software that has a 3DConnexion plugin.

For example you could use the Wii Nunchuck as follows. The device has one analogue stick and two buttons which could be used as modifier buttons.

Wii X axis = 3DC Yaw
Wii Y axis = 3DC Pitch
C + Wii X axis = 3DC Roll
C + Wii Y axis = 3DC Zoom
Z + Wii X axis = 3DC Pan X
Z + Wii Y axis = 3DC Pan Y

Such a setup would be well suited to stand-up presentations and lectures. Can anyone help make this a reality?

Thank you

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