OSX and Sandbox

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OSX and Sandbox

Post by gdw » Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:59 am


I am trying to develop a driver for caniviz, our 3D viewer (http://www.caniviz.com). The application is developped for the Apple AppStore, so it is sandboxed. When I run the application,

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RegisterConnexionClient ('ANDR',
                         (UInt8 *) pascal_name,
returns 0 because Apple Sandbox blocks the connexion. The console show the logs message:

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system.log:Oct  1 10:12:44 imac.local appleeventsd[94]: Sandboxed application with pid 5052 attempted to lookup App:"3DconnexionHelper"/455/0x0:0x3e03e ????1010 sess=100004 but was denied due to sandboxing. (handleMessage()/appleEventsD.cp #2067) com.apple.coreservices.appleevents.peer.0x7f88ca80e100.xpcq
system.log:Oct  1 10:12:44 imac kernel[0]: Sandbox: CaniVIZ 3D_Pro(5052) deny iokit-open ConnexionUserClient
system.log:Oct  1 10:12:44 imac kernel[0]: Sandbox: CaniVIZ 3D_Pro(5052) deny appleevent-send com.3dconnexion.driver.helper
In the non-Apple Store version of our software, I have added:

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(allow iokit-open)
(allow appleevent-send 
(appleevent-destination \"com.3dconnexion.driver.helper\"))
to our sandbox entiltement file that allows customizations (that are not allowed for Apple App Store), and the driver is initialized...

I am looking for a solution... I have just read in this forum that it could be possible to connect to the driver with a raw HDI API... Is this the solution?

Many thanks for your help

Best regards


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