linux evdev driver

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linux evdev driver

Post by pyalot » Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:33 am

Support of an operating system
for a Human Interface Device means: You plug it in and it works
Working in the context of an application dealing with Human Interface
Devices is that the information reported by the driver about the
device are correct.

Linux supports HID in a variety of fashions:
- usbfs
- XInput
- joydev (only for joysticks)
- evdev

Human Interface Devices that do have axes report these axes in two
flavors, absolute and relative. Mice for instance have relative axes,
Joysticks have absolute axes. Since absolute axes move between a
minimum/maximum value, they do report these values so the application
can figure out what to do with them.

Space Navigator when plugged in to a linux machine and queried over
the evdev driver reports its six axes all as Relative, which is wrong.

The bug is in the linux kernel. Somebody has to follow that bug up and fix it.

The party who would be most interested in doing this I gather would be 3dconnexion.

Also I would apreciate not being ignored.

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