undefined reference to MagellanInit while using qt

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undefined reference to MagellanInit while using qt

Post by manikantan » Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:30 pm

I am trying to use a SpaceExplorer in qt.
I have compiled the driver and included the library path in the project file.

LIBS += -lxdrvlib
DEPENDPATH += . SpaceExp2
INCLUDEPATH += . SpaceExp2

# Input
HEADERS += SpaceExp2/spaceexp.h SpaceExp2/xdrvlib.h
FORMS += SpaceExp2/spaceexp.ui
SOURCES += SpaceExp2/main.cpp SpaceExp2/spaceexp.cpp

I have created an XServer in the same way as in xapp. But the moment i use

if(!MagellanInit(display, window))

it gives me an error that too many arguments are sent to MagellanInit

Anyone has any idea whats going on?

I tried compiling xapp as a qt project and that seems to work fine.


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