SDL Screen

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SDL Screen

Post by holder » Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:41 am

Hi All,
I am new for this forum .......I hope i will get more things as well as give more things
Can anybody suggest me how can i reset the frame size(eg. 176*220)
while i am getting frame size (eg.320*240 or any size ) from avcodec???

or I can explain my problem like this::
I am getting screen height and width(e.g 320*240 or any size) from
avcodec ,then i am creating SDL_CreateRGBSurface with the help of this
screen height and width ,but i want to change this height and width in
176*220,So can you tell me how it is possible ? I tried to give hight and
width as 176*220 but it's not give the whole screen.
So how can i rescale the screen ??

If You want my code then i can give this 1 too.
Thanx & Regards

:D :D :D :D