3dConnexion "our device support Linux, Blender etc." True?

Questions and answers about 3Dconnexion devices on UNIX and Linux.

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3dConnexion "our device support Linux, Blender etc." True?

Post by BigMan200 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:06 am

via eBay I bought a used 3dConnexion SpacePilot Pro.
I did this, because on 3DConnexion's website you find statements such us "we support blender" and "runs on Linux".
I am the opinion this a spoof.

I got from 3dConnexion their driver and after some hazzles, I got it running (e.g. I can use it with Freecad).
But it is NOT WORKING with Blender.
It seems, the only option to get it running with Blender is by installaing a different OpenSource Driver (SpaceNAV).
Okay, with SpaceNav I got the SpacePilot now also running for Blender- but two different drivers for different programs is a pain in the a***.
Furthermore, the behaviour of the SpacePilot in Blender is very, very strange (totally different to FreeCad).

Now, all what I would like to achieve in Blender:
- When I press the SpacePilot forward, that my view in Blender moves up;
- When I press the SpacePilot to the right, that my view in Belnder also move to the right;
- When I turn the SpacePilot, the view circles around the Z-Axis

Can somebody help me to achieve this?


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