3DConnexion Navigator Linux VRPN USB Port spec, setup

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3DConnexion Navigator Linux VRPN USB Port spec, setup

Post by ianc » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:15 pm

As a newcomer to VRPN, I would like some starter advice on configuring a
3DConnexion Navigator 6DOF mouse to VRPN on RHEL3 gcc 3.2 pc_linux,
using latest vrpn compiled from source.

With the Navigator plugged in to a USB port, I see in the hardware
browser under "system" that the Navigator device is listed.

I have enabled the appropriate line in vrpn.cfg for this device
3DConnexion_Navigator /dev/usb/ttyUSB0

When the server is started, I always get
"vrpn_3DConnexion constructor could not open device: no such file or

So, what is my missing step?
How do I tell which usb device I should specify?
I have tried most of them, and no change.
The linux boot log shows usb support.
If I plug in a normal USB mouse, X-windows immediately recognises it.
Do I need some other driver between linux and vrpn?

I have also posted this on the VRPN forum, but not had any help.
Thanks for any help!

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