Using 3DConnexion Mouse in Firefox on Linux

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Using 3DConnexion Mouse in Firefox on Linux

Post by switchtizzer » Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:06 am


I'm wondering if anyone can help me as I've had a good look around on the web and can't find any info on my problem. I'm trying to get use my 3DConnexion mouse in onshape CAD software on Linux.

I use Ubuntu Linux and have a 3DConnexion Space Navigator mouse. I have just installed the official 3DXWare 10 (v1.8.0) Linux driver from the 3DConnexion website. The driver works perfectly and I can run the xcube and xvalues demos.

I'm now trying to use the 3D mouse in onshape but I'm getting no response. I've tried using the Firefox browser and the Chromium browser and neither work. I'm wondering if there is some sort of browser plugin I need to install or should it just work on the bare browser?

If anyone can spare so me time to help please it would be much appreciated.


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