Problem: minimum speed of movement too fast

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Problem: minimum speed of movement too fast

Post by lineweight » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:57 am

I use a 3Dconnexion device with Vectorworks.

In Vectorworks 2016 things worked fine but with the release of VW2017 I have a problem.

On certain axes (not all of them) the minimum speed of movement is too fast. That is, if I just gently nudge the joystick, things suddenly start moving, rather than gradually speeding up from zero. It's worse the further zoomed-in I am to the model.

Adjusting speed/threshold settings doesn't help.

I've raised this with Vectorworks who say they are looking into it, but in the meantime I wondered if there's anything that anyone here could suggest, that might solve my problem.

One question is whether there's any chance the issue might disappear if I used a more up-to-date device (I currently have a SpacePilot).

Any help welcome.

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