CadMouse - Issues with middle button

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CadMouse - Issues with middle button

Post by TunnelBorer » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:54 pm

Good evening fellow designers. I'm looking for some help.

I'm currently experiencing an annoying problem with the 3rd mouse button on my CadMouse with 2D Cad applications on MacOS. With the middle button, I can scroll up and down through the menus, I can zoom in and out on a drawing, but I can't pan the window in any direction by pressing it like I'm used to.

I'm having this issue on AutoCad for Mac 2018, and on Ares Commander (I installed a demo of Ares just to understand if it was something related with AutoCad settings, but it seems not, since the problem is the same on both applications).

Things I've done already: updated the driver, reinstalled both the applications. No changes. Setting MBUTTONPAN to 1: done it too.

Things you may find useful: I'm experiencing no issues at all with Fusion 360. With Fusion, the middle mouse button does what it should both on the modeling environment (panning & orbit), and in drawing environment.

I've never experienced issues of this kind before today with my CadMouse.

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