Automatically orbiting around center object in Rhino Mac

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Automatically orbiting around center object in Rhino Mac

Post by rudiwave » Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:32 pm

Good evening!

First off: I love the SpaceMouse - it is a beautiful and awesome tool, so thank you for your work 3dconnexion!!

I was using the SpaceMouse in the office on Rhino in Windows for some months and now also bought one for myself now at home. Personally I am however using macOS and the SpaceMouse seems to be behave a bit differently in Rhino for Mac.

There is one HUGELY IMPORTANT feature, that seems to be missing:

When orbiting around in Rhino Windows, a small blue dot would automatically appear on the center object in the 3D view. The SpaceMouse would then orbit around this particular point. In the Mac version however, this is not the case. The SpaceMouse would only orbit around a certain object, if this one is manually selected and the "_ZS" or "_ZoomSelected" would be applied.
This is very cumbersome and makes the SpaceMouse experience on my Mac not as awesome as it could be...

Could the 3DConnexion team come up with a fix in the future?

Thanks a lot and best wishes from Vienna,


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