Street View control (in Google Earth)

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Street View control (in Google Earth)

Post by seanseena » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:08 pm

Navigating around in Google Earth with the 3D mouse is absolutely spectacular, but unfortunately it's totally non-functional when switching to Street View. Well, it'll flash the 3D arrows, so Google Earth is receiving the 3D mouse input, but it never moves your position. Any ideas how to fix this?

I think Street View doesn't have native support, but perhaps there's a hack around that. For example, perhaps binding:
•3D mouse spin CW -> Right keyboard arrow (to pan your view to the right)
•3D mouse spin CCW -> Left keyboard arrow (to pan your view to the left)
•3D mouse tilt forward -> Up keyboard arrow (to walk forward)
•3D mouse tilt backward -> Down keyboard arrow (to walk backward)'

Also, linking the amount of 3D mouse force, to a key repeat rate or press duration, might be a good idea to provide an amount of panning or walking.

It wouldn't be as elegant as native support, but it would work. Is this possible? And if so, is there any way to switch between (a) such a binded profile for when in Street View mode and (b) normal profile for when returning back out to Google Earth general navigation mode?

What about toggling Rotations (on/off) or Pan Zoom (on/off) (achieved by a 3D Mouse Button L click), could that come into play somehow?

Or what about somehow involving or to assist in binding commands?

Ps, I'd appreciate no answers like "request this from Google" because that won't go anywhere, so it's equivalent to saying "I don't know" unfortunately. Others that might have a helpful answer might think this topic's been addressed. In fact, similar questions about Street View have been asked years ago, they got such answers, and clearly we still have this limitation 5-6yrs later. However, those questions never posed solving this with workarounds like I am hoping for here.

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