Trackpoint emulator for SpaceMouse for Mac

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Trackpoint emulator for SpaceMouse for Mac

Post by sqlguru » Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:08 pm


Is there a Trackpoint (Lenovo/Thinkpad laptop nub) emulator for SpaceMouse for Mac? I mapped the clockwise and counterclockwise to Scroll Up and Down with "Press and Hold" and it's really working well. I can't map the other movements to plain 2D movements. That would have been great.

Frequently I just want to rest my right arm and wish the SpaceMouse could double as a 2D mouse like a trackball or Trackpoint. Accuracy is not important since I'll be using it on down times and leisure browsing.

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Re: Trackpoint emulator for SpaceMouse for Mac

Post by marius » Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:49 pm

That is exactly what was happening with my Space Mouse Wireless today.
On Mac OS Catalina,by some kind of error the Space Mouse is behaving like a normal mouse: the arrow is moving around the screen,I can open and close application,I can browse my folders,so no difference.The single problem is that the Space Mouse is not recognized in driver's window.In the same time when I connected The Space Mouse
I was using the bluetooth headphones.I am sure it is an error but a very pleasant one.

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