3D Wireless Mouse jerky in Mac OS X (perfect in windows7)

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3D Wireless Mouse jerky in Mac OS X (perfect in windows7)

Post by STHalliday » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:52 am

My new 3D SpaceMouse wireless works flawlessly in Windows 7 (Autodesk Inventor main application, IMac boot camped to Windows), however, is very jerky in Mac OS X and wireless range is dismal.

To get any reasonable performance in Mac OS X (same IMac I'm using to bootcamp to Windows 7) the wireless dongle needs to be at about arms length distance; when I move mouse farther away, mouse movements are very jerky and even at arms length distance the performance is degraded compared to when operating in Windows 7. When I'm on Windows 7 I can use the mouse perfectly from several metres away.....it is soooo smooth!

I have tried to un-install and re-install drivers, tried different configuration settings on 'sensitivity' and switched off all other local wireless devices (to check if interference was issue)....all to no avail. I'd typically suspect a faulty wireless dongle, however, that same dongle works flawlessly on the IMac when boot camped to Windows 7.

Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated.


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Re: 3D Wireless Mouse jerky in Mac OS X (perfect in windows7

Post by Fred » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:06 am

I would contact Tech support. Give them your Firmware version number on the device.
Open the driver panel Open the "Tool" tab write down the Firmware version.
Ask them if there is an updated firmware for your device.
If there is it may fix the issue.

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