other driver issues >> whole program down

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other driver issues >> whole program down

Post by 2pospisil » Mon Jun 13, 2022 9:36 am

Some time ago I solved a problem with my CadMouse driver in connection with Adobe Acrobat Reader (https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic ... 59#p109559). That was finally resolved. However, I have now purchased a Dlubal RFEM license, which was not completely cheap, and the problem occurred again. Again, there is a problem with the 3Dconnexion driver. The RFEM program could not be started at all. Finally, downgrading the 3Dconnexion drivers from version 10.8.7 to version 10.8.3 helped. The program already works; however, a problem has returned with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Honestly, your devices are not the cheapest so I would expect them to work properly. I can't understand how a mouse driver can make a whole program down. Windows 11 has also been here for a year, and your drivers / programs for this operating system are out of sight, according to the information available. I would expect you to have such things caught up and solved. I'm completely disappointed.

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Re: other driver issues >> whole program down

Post by GKA » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:01 am

Oh my goodness!
and we were already going to buy a set of 3D mice for our labs/students. All our computers run Windows 11.

So we'd rather wait and/or look around.

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