Disable Mouse Wheel Doubleclick

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Disable Mouse Wheel Doubleclick

Post by 3d-labor.de » Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:56 am

How to disable the mouse wheel doubleclick. As my CAD Mouse is about 8 to 10 years old it often happens accidentially, that PAN with pressed mouse wheel in AutoCAD leads to a "zoom all" command. So it would be great if there would be a way to disable the double click of the mouse wheel. I dont need this feature at all.

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Re: Disable Mouse Wheel Doubleclick

Post by aalsalihi » Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:15 am

Hi 3d-labor.de,

You can try disabling the wheel button in which will allow you to do just normal scrolling
- Open 3Dconnexion Home
- Click on Settings
- Make sure the application is detected on the top of our setting window
- Click on Buttons
- Beside the Wheel button, there's a right arrow ">" click on it and search for Disable
- Assign it then test it

Abdul. A

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