LIGHTWAVE?????? Why not???

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LIGHTWAVE?????? Why not???

Post by sutsko » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:41 pm

U seem to have drivers or supporting just about all major 3d applications, then why not Lithtwave??? We are many Lightwave users who would be eager to invest our money in such an awesome device.

Im somewhat puzzled and quite surpriced that u havent found it viable to make drivers and support for Lightwave... Why???


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Post by ngomes » Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:18 pm

Hi Sutsko,

Thanks for the question. This is a good opportunity to explain.

3Dconnexion does indeed develop custom solutions for some but not all of the applications that support our 3D controllers.
For the vast majority of applications on our list, the implementation is native. In other words, the application itself supports 3D controllers just like it supports, say, the mouse or a camera.

It just works and there is no need to install a plug-in. All that is required for those applications is our device driver, 3DxWare.

We aim to have all applications supporting our devices. There is no doubt about it. To that end, we advise our customers (current and future) to contact the Customer Service of any applications lacking support and letting them know how cool it would to add the feature.

Adding navigation support with 3D controllers is a simple programming task but is best done by -- who else -- the editor of the application.

We also appreciate if customers post here, in this Forum, any information provided by the editors regarding the support plans for 3Dconnexin devices.
Nuno Gomes

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