SpaceMouse Enterprise & 3DxWare 10.4.7 in Creo Parametric

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SpaceMouse Enterprise & 3DxWare 10.4.7 in Creo Parametric

Post by Wreubzaet » Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:49 am

Hello everyone, below are some remarks and suggestions from my experience with the 3DxWare drivers in Creo Parametric with the SpaceMouse Enterprise.

In general I like the software, in particular the keys to orient Cartesian views and the use of (custom) radial menus. Also the different shape of the keys make it easier to feel which key is below your fingertip. I do have some remarks and suggestions for improvement (when using Creo Parametric 2.0 and 3.0):

1) Custom mapkey icons are not displayed on the display, only the default (smiley) icon. I'd love to to see this implemented, since I have made many custom mapkey icons.
2) In the 3DxWare menu, when assigning commands to keys, tooltips are often not shown when hovering over a command. The behaviour is very inconsistent. Usually only for a few commands tooltips are shown, but the commands vary each time a (sub)menu is opened and closed.
3) Wish: option to display smaller text size in the radial menus. Now often the text does not fit.
4) I noticed the icon for the 'Sketch View' command (orient the sketching plane parallel to the screen) in sketcher mode is missing from the menu and is not displayed on the display. Some other default Creo icons also seemed to be missing, but I don't recall which ones.

I hope these suggestions are of use to improve the driver functionality.

One other (minor) issue: Sometimes I experience drifting for 1-2 seconds. Calibration does not help. This might be caused by me using the regular mouse at the same time? Maybe others have experienced this as well?



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