3ds max blocked mouse selection

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3ds max blocked mouse selection

Post by mksi03 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:04 am

Just got a shiny new SpaceNavigator.

First a first impression report:
Tried it in Inventor first, after 15 min i was already accustomed to it and liking it.
Tried it in 3ds max 2013 (have to use it) and oh my god is it terrible. The standard settings are basically unusable. The "auto" rotation center is almost always off. Not only that, it also has very frequent delays/freezes (3d mouse is moved, nothing happens for some seconds, then suddenly it "pops" into the new position) in scenes with polycounts of 500k, which is barely anything these days.

Once i changed the terrible default settings it would be almost acceptable if there wasnt this one issue, which is a complete no-go for me:
After panning/rotating the viewport around, it is not possible to select different objects. It can take between 5-30sec until you can select objects again. Why is this still an issue in 2017?

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