Part rotates slowly, and continue for a while.

Questions and answers about 3Dconnexion devices on Windows.

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Jerry C
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Part rotates slowly, and continue for a while.

Post by Jerry C » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:47 am

I have an old Spaceball 5000, but it works wonderfully in Win 10 until today. Today I have updated both Windows and the video drivers.
I use the 3D mouse with PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling v19.

After todays updates, the 3D mouse is erratic. What happen is that when I rotate a model it is very slow, and when I stop rotating, it continues for a while longer. The really weird thing is that if another program, like Excel, is active, I can rotate the model in Creo Elements just fine. It rotate fast, and stop when it should.

So I know that there are no performance issues, and all drivers work well. But when Creo is active, there are massive performance issues. Anybody that has a clue to what is going on? Why can it matter if Creo is active or not. (I mean it is the last clicked program in Windows.)

HP ZBook 15 G3
Windows 10 64-bit version 1703 (Updated today)
NVIDIA Quadro M1000M ( (Not updated today)
Intel HD Graphics 530 ( (Updated today)

I use 3DxWare 3.7.22 with driver 6.7.13. FW 3.11.
I know that SpaceBalls are not supported (hasn't been for a decade) but I love it and doesn't want to loose it.

// Jerry

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