spacenavigator in Simplify3d

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spacenavigator in Simplify3d

Post by mystixa » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:26 am

I had been looking fora long while for how to get a SpaceNavigator 3d mouse working with simplify3d design software. From what Ive seen this has been a requested feature for years in forums, both for that application and occasionally in 3dconnexion forums as well. The closest there has been is a few posts saying it can be done if you go in and edit the xml files by hand. This is a cryptic solution at best, and no example profile was ever shared to help make this a go. By default the newest versions of 3dxware will only zoom (mousewheel in simplify 3d).

I have gotten it to work in 2 steps.

Uninstall the modern utility. Install an older version of the 3dxware software. I found a source of several older installs. I can confirm that it works with only a small amount of setup with the following install. 3DxWare64SPP_v10-0-11_r1165

There are several versions in between the one that worked for me and the modern software. Im not sure how modern you can get and retain the functionality, because I stopped with the first one that got me the desired functionality. If one of the more modern versions keeps the GUI for customizing the functions, please let me know.

For Simplify 3d, it doesnt have the same type of automatic key remapping we may be used to in modern games for example. So the solution using vjoy does not work. Instead its a menu driven approach with specified keys that can be chosen.

Instead in the 3dx software choose to map the functions using 2d mouse options to map to the functions that simplify 3d expects. I have full manipulation with rotation, zoom, and panning working from each of my desired axes. Dont stick with the mousewheel version even though it continues to work, because it only works in fits and starts. Instead use the 2d mouse and key setup of all the other commands for zooming, and it will act much more smoothly.

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