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CadMouse Scrolling

Post by gcary » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:04 pm


I really like the fast scrolling feature of the CadMouse. One application I have scrolls very slowly through text with a normal mouse, but with the CadMouse I can whip through files quickly. But if it is scrolling very fast when I move to another window, the other window will continue scrolling at the fast rate. One action that occurs fairly often is if I scroll the to top of the file and then hit Control-F to open the find dialog. Guess what happens? In many applications when you press the control key while scrolling, that is the shortcut for zooming. That gets old fast. Is there any way you can modify the mouse driver so that it stops sending scroll commands when the focus is changed? I'm not sure if you can solve the 2nd problem I described where it zooms rapidly when the control key is pressed, because that would be application dependent. But changing focus is an operation system event, and it seems there is hope for a fix for that situation. When focus changes, send a command to the mouse to immediately reset its scrolling routine.

It would be helpful if the parameters to the algorithm in the mouse could be changed. For example, if the decay in scrolling speed could be quickened after you stop moving the wheel, that would be helpful. Maybe by the time I press the control key on the keyboard when searching for something, the scrolling will have stopped and the app wouldn't change the zoom level. Maybe a hotkey on the keyboard could control what kind of zoom it should be. Holding down that key while scrolling would choose a different set of parameters, such as fast decay. Sometimes it is nice to get it wound up so that you don't have to continually scroll the wheel, so I want the option for both.

Is there already a fix for this or a way to control it better?



Rob Ainscough
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Re: CadMouse Scrolling

Post by Rob Ainscough » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:04 pm

I'm having this very same issue ... for $100 mouse I'm finding the scroll wheel is terrible quality ... randomly triggers auto/free scrolling upwards making it impossible to get any work done. The only reason I got this mouse was for the full sized middle button so it makes it easier to move around in 3DSMax.

Quick Google search and I see this "issue" is extremely common and yet there is NO solution?

Going to see if I can get a refund on this mouse, terrible!


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