Profile Gui, why yoy remove it??

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Profile Gui, why yoy remove it??

Post by teos81 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:37 pm

After spent days for try to make a xml conf and try to make work a new space mouse compact with old sw, i found the easy way.. a costumer give me his old spacenavigator for a few hours..
I installed the old sw and make the xml conf in a few minutes with those beautifull Gui. Cut and paste the axis and button configuration to the new xml config et voilà it work good with the spacemouse compact with the last sw version..

So the question.. why you remove the Gui and dind't make any manual for the xml conf?
I could also be perfect if you make a stand alone program for help customer to make the xml conf like the old gui.. i will take only a few hours of work but make Happy a lot of customer...

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