Rotating around world axis broken in Rhino 6

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Rotating around world axis broken in Rhino 6

Post by cairn » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:43 am

This has been mentioned elsewhere without any solution: ... d+rotation

When using my SpaceMouse Pro and rotating the perspective view, the direction of rotation reverses when you pass through the camera (or XY) plane.
Furthermore, if the camera is on or near the XY plane the rotation freezes. Very painful, and unworkable.
This is a change in behaviour from Rhino v5, which mimmics normal mouse behaviour.
There is no option anmywhere in 3DX or Rhino settings that has any effect.

Also, the settings button to 'Lock Horizon' in the 3DX settings dialogue box works fine in R5 but has no effect in R6. In order to get Lock Horizon to work in R6 you have to use the SpaceMouse popup dialog option. Type: _Spacemouse and select Popup_Menu and tick Lock Horizon.

Because these effects are persistent today (works fine in R5 and not in R6) it suggests this might be a Rhino issue,
but any insight would be appreciated..
Thanks :)(

Rhino6 SR19
SpaceMouse Pro
3DXware version 10.06.001

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Re: Rotating around world axis broken in Rhino 6

Post by tmixer » Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:56 am

Same issue here hoping we can find a solution please! Thanks devs

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