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Change primary Keys

Post by fragmon » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:41 am

Dear Community,

does anyone know how i can change the primary keys.

I bought the left hand mouse to relax my hand. Because my old mouse i use the standard settings.
Leftclick with middlefinger
rightclick with index finger

The left handed mouse have the revert settings for lefthand. For me its hard to change, because i must use mouse with standardsettings too.

How can i change the keys to

rightkey --> rightklick
middlekey --> leftklick
leftkey --> any

I use the primarykey change function on windows. But when i activate the change, the mouse dont save the middlekey setup. I change that to leftklick to, but they dont save. Without the windows change there will be saved.

Its a bug? How can i use the change function on windows and reset the middlekey to leftkey

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