Rotating model in AutoCAD 2d-wireframe mode

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Rotating model in AutoCAD 2d-wireframe mode

Post by » Fri Nov 27, 2020 3:50 am

12 years ago someone described the problem, that you can not rotate a model in 2d-fireframe mode with the knob. You have to change to 3d-wireframe mode. While the AutoCAD "Orbit" command switches temporarily to 3d-wireframe mode and falls back to 2d-wireframe mode when the command is ended. The cause, why I want to have rotating in 2d-wireframe is, tha object snaps are working much better in this mode. So is there after all these years a solution for this problem? Best would be a special mode for the driver, so that the "real" 2d workers doesnt rotate their drwing accidentially. I rotate my models using "orbit" (as keyboard shortcut) instaed of using my space mouse enterprice. This was not my intention when I bought my Spacemouse Enterprise several years ago.....

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Re: Rotating model in AutoCAD 2d-wireframe mode

Post by luping » Fri Nov 27, 2020 7:47 am

Since you can always achieve the rotation results with your right-hand mouse for the 2D drawing in AutoCAD, and SpaceMouse is designed primarily for 3D navigation, why are you so hellbent on this idea? The intention is to use SME for 2D rotation? You clearly didn't get the gist of the SpaceMouse advertisement and its specification.

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