3ds max Turbosmooth center of rotation issue

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3ds max Turbosmooth center of rotation issue

Post by M4rtin » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:59 am


when i model in max i usually put a turbosmooth on top of my edit poly stack and model in the the edit poly modifier with "showing end result" on and "show cage" on. This way i see the lowpoly mesh as a cage which i can control and the final smoothed result. So far so good and nothing new. I use the spacemouse enterprise btw.
When i select a vertex in the edit poly without "showing end result" on it correctly sets the center of rotation on top of that vertex. But if i switch "show end result" on and see the smoothed mesh with the cage, the center of rotation is offseted to the new smoothed position of the vertex, which doesnt match up with my modeling cage.
I need a solution for this because with the center of rotation offseted i feel ill after 10 minutes of work.

Cheers in advance, Martin

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