Unity apps and keyboard up arrow

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Unity apps and keyboard up arrow

Post by Hijack » Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:52 pm

I seem to be having an issue where apps built with Unity seem to be flooded with up arrow keystrokes. These are apps like Sofie's Dice, Dungeon Painter Studio and the games Galaga (all purchased through Steam). When in the menus for these apps, they are flooded by up arrow keystrokes. The menus are always scrolling to the top automatically. I believe I've figured out that it's due in some way to my 3Dconnexion software. If I disable the "3Dconnexion Wireless Device" in the device manager and reboot, the issue stops. Or, if I uninstall the driver software altogether it stops as well.

Fairly annoying issue. How might I figure out what within the 3Dconnection driver/software is causing this problem and get it resolved?

Note, this happens when the Spacemouse is powered off so I'm certain that it isn't sending any actions to my PC.



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