Freecad and other nonstandard uses

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Freecad and other nonstandard uses

Post by tre4b » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:06 am

Hi All,

When I bought my SM I assumed that all software implementing it would be the same. Not so, most like Blender, Unreal engine etc. are consistant and I can whiz through them. Some don't implement it at all and there is no real way to add key presses or anything to simulate use :-( (like Character creator 3).

In this case though I am struggling with FreeCad which does implement the SpaceMouse but it uses the mouse differently which makes navigating much more difficult. It would be useful if I could swap some of the axes before FreeCad sees it to try and make it behave differently. Is this something that can be done? Or does anyone have thoughts in how to make FreeCad use of a SpaceMouse be more standardised?

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Re: Freecad and other nonstandard uses

Post by Phil999 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:44 pm

in the driver settings, there are a number of options for the axes, for example reversing the direction, or zooming in and out with y- or z-axis. This can be adjusted for each application seperately.

I'm not at a computer with a 3dx device attached right now, but I will check the behaviour in FreeCad and see what can be done to improve the navigation.
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