Use SpaceMouse (compact) for desktop panning/zoom

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Use SpaceMouse (compact) for desktop panning/zoom

Post by dahlmeyer » Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:49 am


My configuration is a SM compact @ Win10x64 with current driver (as of today). I would like to use it not only for directly CAD, but also as a secondary navigation help in documents (mostly PDF-drawings), so I can pan/zoom with my secondary hand while commenting on it with a mouse in my primary hand (Bonus: change commenting tool with other button or rotation). This can be restricted to one desktop PDF-program (non-Adobe), but ideally should work globally for desktop apps to make full use of the 3D controller.

I've already looked up and read some of the threads regarding the decktop.xml and global.xml files - but cannot get it to work: Both files are removed automatically (?) a few seconds after I downloaded them to the <user>/app data/global/ dir - and seem to appear in a subdir bak

Just as side note and idea (I know - not mine, not really new):
It seems this topic comes up roundabout once a month, and one has to find the forum, search it (for me some hours), just to find inconsistent guides to various drivers with inconstistent xml-files with inconsistent content to copy to inconsistent directories - and finally not have it work... :roll:

If there is a way to get this to work in a per-user base: For a premium (-priced) product to professional non-coding end-users: Wouldn't it be more simple for all parties involved to add this obviously expected feature (that seems to come up here just about every other month) finally to the driver / GUI rather than supporting error-prone workarounds on editor-level with dropbox-downloads for years...? :wink:

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