Ventuz implementations of joystick mode

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Ventuz implementations of joystick mode

Post by nickhard » Sat Mar 13, 2021 12:35 am

Hi! I'm working on interactive presetation in software called ventuz. I got 3d connexion space mouse compact and it works fine with ventuz in joystick mode. But i've got an issue with it. I compared it to logitech joystick stick and it works differently. Space mouse stores value and collect it while simple joystick give you value and get back to the null. Problem for me that i'm not programmer and wanted to solve this with simple way :D .
So 1-st question - Can i modify some configuration files to work like simple joystick?
and 2nd one - May be i can have some workaround and send commands from Space Mouse with OSC protocol, which can also be implemented by ventuz really well.
And 3-rd one - Can i map on buttons like driver commands - to reset output values or something

Here are examples
How it works with logitech joystick
And with space mouse compact

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