Feature request, Expand virtual Numpad functions

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Feature request, Expand virtual Numpad functions

Post by Awedin » Mon Nov 07, 2022 1:56 am

Hi there,

Been using the 3D mouse SpaceMouse Pro now for awhile, and older versions as well. And as many others, I have come to rely on it.
However it does have limits, from the way I'm used to work with a 2d mouse and keyboard.

While using both CAD and CAM softwares, I end up using a lot of math formulas in my dimensioning of parts and sketches.

I started using the virtual numpad, really great conception. A numpad that pops-up wherever the mouse cursor is. GREAT!
But, it does have limited functionality compared to a keyboard, of course, but also the windows built in calculator.
No brackets or special expressions, just the bare minimum.

I would like to see an expansion of it's functionality, like the windows calculator. Having multiple "profiles" with varying amount of functions.
So the end user can choose how many or few functions it has.

And while one could make macro's for this, it's not really a good option for good work flow.

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