Disgraceful Customer Service

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Disgraceful Customer Service

Post by ken0y » Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:58 am

I have to say, the 3dconnexion customer service is the worst.

So, my spacepilot pro, which I had for under a year became faulty. I went through the tech support route and the company agreed to replace it through warranty on...wait for it...the 22nd of February!. At the time they stated in the email that a new unit would be sent out within a few days.

Over 3 weeks later and 2 calls to customer service, 3 follow up emails (which they haven't even bothered to reply to) I am left with the information that there is indeed no information regarding my claim. Customer service/tech support can't give me any info regarding the case because the only people that know anything are the RMA department but for some reason unknown to common sense and logic, we aren't allowed to talk to them, I still have not received a replacement unit.

I'm sorry but I feel like I've been totally shafted here, Like this is some kind of deliberate obfuscation designed to deprive people of new devices that they are entitled to.

Iv'e spent £600 on 3dconnexion devices over the years but after this, no more.

I doubt my issue will ever be resolved but thought I would give you all a heads up so that maybe you can avoid this joke of a service in the future.

For anyone officially linked to the company and dubious of my claims, I am more than happy to supply my RMA number upon request.



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Re: Disgraceful Customer Service

Post by UtaSH » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:08 am

Hi ken0y,

sorry for the trouble you have had. In the meantime you have been contacted by my colleague who is responsible for the shipping. We found out that you were not available when the parcel had been delivered and you have not been notified that there is a parcel for you. Therefore the replacement device had been sent back to 3Dconnexion. We will ship it again tomorrow and will let you know the tracking number of the package.

I apologize that you have not been contacted earlier. Sorry for that. I already contacted the responsible colleagues to make sure this does not happen again.

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