Middle as Right button global assignment.

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Middle as Right button global assignment.

Post by pkquat » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:43 am

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First off, I really like the mouse and the feel, but because of the middle button assignment and slow / poor drivers /software, I have stopped using it, and can't really recommend it to anyone without these caveats. Even so the slow performance of the driver when switching pages, and the apparent need for minutiae settings, is

You can re-assign or swap the middle and right buttons / custom assign them for each program. The issue is there is NO global setting to do this, nor global settings for programs, and frankly the current software and drivers manage the swap between programs very poorly. It doesn't always know what program, or page of a program, I am in, and worse, for some programs, especially Solidworks, it seams I need to set up every page independently, and the set up even minor changes within a page. Combined with these slow responses, and apparently not knowing what page its in, its ridiculous. The computer is a 1 year old DELL CAD workstation running Windows 7. The computer is not the issue.

I had an old MS Explorer or intellimouse, I forget which one, with the same number of buttons. They were configurable with global settings, and down to a program/ page level. The default was the standard right button where your middle button is. I could configure global settings upfront, for each program, and then if needed, I could customize per page. I had zero issues on a 8 year old DELL CAD station running Solidworks 2015. If a person wanted they could configure that mouse to behave as yours. It was easy to make those changes as default for everything and then customize per program as needed. There were issues when clicking a special button in a not active window, but this is expected because that window is not active. The switch between windows was was FAST, only having to click the desired button quickly again.

NO, I will not retrain my fingers for your mouse. I have tried and it doesn't really work for me, and I would say a large portion of the population as well. I often need to use other mice, and sometimes small mice. Retraining serves no value when I have to switch to something small. Using 3 fingers in those situations is uncomfortable.

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