Design considerations for future devices.

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Design considerations for future devices.

Post by ISAWHIM » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:41 pm

This is in relation to the CAD mouse...

1: The two side thumb-buttons, locations "borrowed" from other poor designs, need to be given back to the original creators of those horrible things. No-one "straddles" the mouse in the palm of their hand. No-one... We all place the "butt of our palms" on the mouse-pad, and our thumb rests under the button at the back, which makes it impossible to reach the front button.

You would have to lift your hand, move it forward, locate the button, and "Try" not to also hit the other tail-end of the other button. Which leads to the other design flaw in those buttons, they touch one another in the middle, where you can hit both, but both can not register... They should be a rocker-button since you can't hit both, and one contradicts the other, in action.

Both buttons need to be moved "back near the palm", because we use our thumb and ring-finger (normally) to move the mouse, with our pinky resting on the mouse-pad for "sensory control" to tell our brains how far the mouse moved, and to limit "drifting". If the buttons were moved back, made smaller, and setup as a rocker, forward/back... They might actually be used, and a "bonus", instead of a forgotten annoying accidental "click", when trying to move the mouse.

2: Move the "dual-button", in the three-button (which is actually a 4-button mouse), to the INDEX FINGER side. Few people have enough secondary-control of their ring-finger. The tendons in that finger are bound to the middle-finger, and also the pinky. You are just promoting hand-cramps and phantom-clicks. (Phantom clicks is when you involuntarily "click" a mouse-button, after long pauses, when trying to "hover" over buttons.)

3: With two buttons, slightly "bumped-up" or "arched", under your pointer-finger, you can easily detect which button to press. Adding a rocker-style to both buttons, would give us four potential buttons, with easy access, with a "resting place" that does nothing when involuntarily clicked on.

4: Mouse-wheel side-tilt... Great for slowly nudging things left and right, or tab-switching, or back/next in a browser... Sort-of a new standard on most new mice being created. Has been around for the past 10 years, that I know of...

5: Total "new concept" here... The top left of the mouse is actually dead-space. Add a riser with two more click-scroll-tilt mouse-wheels... One in-line with the center wheel, and the other in-line with the normal first-mouse button. Ones that can be "manually rotated 90-degrees", for custom uses, being horizontal or vertical aligned.

They would make great extra controls, which our index-finger, or index and middle-finger can both reach. (Precision, or accelerated speed zooms. Precision, or accelerated scroll/pan. Simple time-line jog-wheels for animations, using the tilts as layer/level changing. Mirrors of the missing/restricted 3D mouse controls, when in "locked mode". Object-orientation, or camera-orientation, opposite whatever the 3D SpaceMouse is currently NOT in, for a mode.)

Keeping in mind that they can be rotated and "locked" into position. Maybe even a 180-degree rotation, for ergonomics, or just a better personal angle. Some may want to V-scrolls, or two H-scrolls, or V/H scrolling, or H/V scrolling, or have them in a "\ /", or "/ \" alignment.

Make it able to tilt slightly forward/back, and slightly raise/lower, for hands of all sizes.

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Re: Design considerations for future devices.

Post by UtaSH » Mon Apr 23, 2018 6:53 am


thanks for your input. I have forwarded it to our product management.

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Design considerations for future devices.

Post by FilipVC » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:20 am

When will you relaese a device similar to the classic space mouse
All the new devices are not suitable for my hands, a good ergometric study would do wonders for your devices taking in account people with bigger hands, size 10.5 and upwards in gloves !
The wrist-rests are way to steep and/or to short.
I worked with a classic space mouse for years, and was ideal, very low rest, big flat "puck", heavy device that doesnt slide. You forced me to change to something new, as there are no drivers anymore ( WHY ???? ) and the spave pilot I have now, was the only thing that came near the ergonomics of the old space mouse, for my hands, but missing the buttons. Working with the radial menus, but that's not the same ease of use !
I'm sure plenty of people would jump to the occasion to buy (at a reasonal price ! ) a decent replacement for the classic space mouse, no to many buttuns, screens, bells and whistles .....
Filip Van Cauwenberghe

E-Crane Worldwide

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