Warranty does not work?

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Warranty does not work?

Post by Tsevro » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:25 pm

Hello. I want to share the negative experience of replacing the Cadmouse warranty :( . In early February, I noticed traces of corrosion on the aluminum base of my Cadmouse (it upset me, but it was not critical for work) after some time the corrosion began to grow and I went to the site / forum to read about this issue and saw the recommendation on the site "As quality and durability have highest priority for 3Dconnexion we ask all customers to replace affected CadMouse products free of charge by using our technical support channels channels" So I turned to technical support to solve the problem. In my appeal 3DCX-20190319-0012 I was approved by the replacement and asked to cut the cable and send a photo with proof of what I did :? (of course I was afraid to stay without a mouse at all, because the replacement will take place only later, but I was assured that the mouse will arrive in Moscow from Germany for 3 5 days and I heard about this practice with Logitech) ... And now the fun begins :x !!! As you could guess, I still don’t have a mouse. More than four months have passed (!) And the bureaucracy or indifference of workers of different services does not allow me to get my mouse :evil: ! During these four months, they told me that the mouse was sent and she would soon arrive, that the mouse was sent again, that the mouse went back to Germany, that they would give me a mouse through a Russian supplier ... everyone doesn't care about my problem. This is how 3DConexion warranty replacement works in Russia :?: ...

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Re: Warranty does not work?

Post by luping » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:14 pm

Probably because during your wait, the warranty expired? Another factor is that I heard the unwieldy Russian bureaucracy is very powerful as an ex-communist country, you're fighting with local bureaucracy inherited from USSR...

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