Fusion 360 Camera Transform Bug

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Fusion 360 Camera Transform Bug

Post by Schmiffy » Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:55 am

Is there a 3Dconnexion developer who can help me please? I am frustrated, and desperate for help.

There is a camera transform bug where the camera rotates around Local/Self Space, rather than World Space when orbiting the object on the vertical world axis. Here is a VIDEO, please listen WITH SOUND ON...

VIDEO (with sound) LINK:

What I need to know is exactly how the Axis data from the mouse is sent to, or received by, Fusion 360 to work out which company is capable of fixing it. I will give my C# code free to anyone who needs it to help with the fix.

Do Fusion 360 use the 3Dconnexion SDK to read the axes and control the camera from within Fusion 360's code?

Do 3Dconnexion use the Fusion 360 SDK to manipulate the camera from within their driver code?

Can the external driver tell which Workspace the user is in (eg.SKETCH), in Fusion 360?

Can Fusion 360 team add Object Mode and Lock Horizon check boxes to the driver Advanced Settings panel or does it require 3Dconnexion to add these essential features?

I have been told by 3Dconnexion that only Autodesk can fix this bug, and 3Dconnexion say only Autodesk can fix the bug, and from a customer perspective this is not acceptable to me, having spent £135.00 on a SpaceMouse Compact for sole use with Fusion 360.

Thank you very much for listening!

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