3Dconnexion as my client for my school project

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3Dconnexion as my client for my school project

Post by Choongie1102 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:53 pm


My name is Choong Han, and I am a student currently studying A-Levels Design and Technology at HELP International School, Malaysia. In my Design and Technology subject, I have chosen to design and make a product related to computing and peripherals for the design industry such as a computer mouse. There are some areas of design and production I am uncertain about, therefore I would like to establish contact with a person or company to help provide some feedback on my design decisions and give some advice from a professional perspective.

I feel you/your company can provide me with some valuable feedback on my design process and decisions and would humbly request your assistance in providing me some of your professional opinions and advice on my working design. This design is solely for student portfolio work and will not be for commercial sale.

If this is not too much to ask, may we start a dialogue and I can show you what I am currently designing. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated for my coursework. I can explain in more detail once you have confirmed your assistance with me.

I have also cc'd my teacher, Mr. Kevin Soertsz in our communications if you would like to ask him any questions as well.

Sincerely and with great appreciation,

Choong Han
AQA Design and Technology Student Designer
HELP International School

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