Spacemouse is unusable for ZBRUSH

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Spacemouse is unusable for ZBRUSH

Post by vaell » Wed Mar 17, 2021 11:48 am

The basic model has only 2 buttons, makeing it almost useless for Zbrush work.

all the other models will make the settings window pop up and disappear when you use ctrl + shift + alt, making them all useless for Zbrush, I do not understand how can it be targeted for Zbrush if it is impossible to use some of the most basic tools in the software.

3Dconnexion has to disable settings window pop up!!! or at least do not make it disappear and reappear constantly and make it the active window...

as it stands today, all Spacemouse products are useless for anything but the most basic sculpting in Zbrush

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