SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

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SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by Vrmithrax »

Any idea if there will ever be a Bluetooth version of the wireless SpaceMouse? I would absolutely love to be able to do away with having to deal with that wireless dongle on my laptop - I'm afraid to leave it plugged in and damage it when moving the laptop, packing in/out of my bag, etc. And having to unplug and replug the thing every time I am transitioning to a new location is equally nerve-wracking. I've had my share of wireless mouse dongles break, inadvertently get lost, or even damage a USB connector over a lot of disconnect/reconnect cycles. Every peripheral I use (other than my wireless SpaceMouse) is chosen through the criteria of BT connectivity first, then functionality. Having my current laptop with only 2 available USB ports probably doesn't help my urge to get rid of any USB dongles either :)

So, anybody know if there is any hope for future versions with more connectivity options? I saw a few posts lamenting the lack of Bluetooth, but nothing besides that.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by godson »

I REALLY wish they would use bluetooth. I have to do most my design from a Macbook 12 that has 1 USB-C port. I have stopped using both my space(mice) because of this.

I will buy the first product that uses BT whichever company makes one.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by Framed_Previz90 »

Using a space mouse on the go is becoming near impossible. USB ports are almost fully phased out. Please look into bluetooth support
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by denesgeza »


any news on this?

I want to order one, but have only usb c ports on my laptop.

The dongle is usb-c?

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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by Hypersonic »

I did request it about 9 years ago
The next day someone requested wireless without specifying BlueTooth.
This post a few years after

It would open up 3DMice to smartphones and tablets.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by RonaldThomas »

I've borrowed a friend's SpaceMouse before and _loved_ it. I was just about to purchase one for myself to go along with my new USB-C-only laptop, but I'm not so sure now knowing that I can't use it without an external receiver _and_ a USB-C adapter. So disappointing.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by luping »

Just future product feature suggestion, may not be considered, it requires extra electronic chips that support Bluetooth, which will increase extra production cost.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by sjmann »

3DConnexion Product Team,

I recently purchased a 16" MacBook M1 Pro to do Fusion 360 and Media creation. Shortly after, I picked up a SpaceMouse Wireless, knowing it required it's USB (TYPE-A) dongle, and purchased Apples USB-A to USB-C adapter. As I didn't really have a choice. While I have to say that I LOVE the SpaceMouse, and may eventually upgrade to the CADMouse. It gives me that two handed control that significantly enhances my productivity in CAD. I had no idea what a true PAIN IN THE TAIL the USB would be. I move around quite frequently and have this TAIL sticking out of the side of this VERY expensive laptop, just waiting to get broken off, is not good. USB-A is DEAD! Virtually every laptop shipped today has Bluetooth, and virtually every peripheral manufacturer offers Bluetooth. I understand you're the only product of your kind. But, don't rest on your laurels. I dropped a not to support the other day asking if you had any plans on incorporating Bluetooth into your products. And their response was....
Thank you for contacting 3Dconnexion Support.

Currently, there is no knowledge of 3Dconnexion looking to release a Bluetooth capable SpaceMouse in the near future.
Sorry, but from a product roadmap perspective, that's just foolish and short sighted. GET IT DONE!! Or the first company to release such a device will eat your lunch. Because this doesn't fly!.......



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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by MacGoose »

I just created an account to express that I was very close to buying a SpaceMouse Wireless but then noticed the dongle and it not being Bluetooth.

Most likely this will be my first and last post so why I even bothered creating an account is a question in itself.

Anyway - where is the Bluetooth? The SpaceMouse seem like a great product but there is no way I will buy it with a dongle. My usecase is gaming for those who care. Flying spaceships with a 6DOF controller would be great. I also do 3D design using Fusion 360, but I'm happy with my Wacom for that. And guess what the Wacom have Bluetooth :D
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by TStopAerials »

"Thank you for contacting 3Dconnexion Support. Currently, there is no knowledge of 3Dconnexion looking to release a Bluetooth capable SpaceMouse in the near future."

Come on folks, this is 2023, USB A is DEAD, please release a genuinely wireless Spacemouse, you....willl.....sell.....more! Having to have a USB c to a adapter to make this thing work means it may as well be wired. Utterly ridiculous in this day and age.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by teslafly »

Bluetooth and usb-c charging are a must today for a high end computer peripheral. The space-mouse is a killer product, but the resistance to updating it is extremely frustrating. unfortunately they have a near monopoly on the 3d mouse market. If there was a competitor that implemented Bluetooth they would soon follow.

It's not like they don't know how to make a bluetooth device either. The cad mouse wireless has bluetooth and dongle support. They just don't want to go through the effort of updating the spacemouse wireless.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by ChrisL »

I've been researching a 3d mouse to buy for work that I can use in the office and while working remote, and I'm super disappointed that there's no such device without using a big adaptor dongle and then a proprietary adaptor.
Everything is USB-C and bluetooth now, so having something require USB-A feels like the stone ages. And I'm one of the old guys at this engineering company.
Please make the spacemouse wireless actually wireless! :)
I wish there was a competitor to keep things improving with the decades.
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Re: SpaceMouse & Bluetooth

Post by flyingbike »


I just registered to add a stone to this topic.

I would have bought a spacemouse years ago if it was bluetooth. On newer machines, (in my case iMac M1), you have 4 USB-C and that's it.

No one would use a USB-c to USB-A adapter to plug in a dongle. BT is perfectly reliable and adapted to this use.

I found unbelievable that a company selling a top-tier product with no concurrence still uses USB A and/or specific connectivity.

It is basically absurd.

Please wake up.
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