Raspberry Pi

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Post by jwick »

That sounds like a very cool usage. You should post a video of it all working together.
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Re: Raspberry Pi

Post by BSkog »

I will soon be upgrading this first iteration with stepper motor driven gear boxes to provide better control and ability to adjust movement speeds. I would also like to be able to set a home position that the table will return to when one of the buttons on the SN is pressed. I have a lot of learning to do to make that happen but just getting to this point has given me loads of motivation. Thanks again jwick for writing these programs and the help you've given me here.

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Re: Raspberry Pi

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I am trying to connect a Space Navigator to a RPI3 and control a Motor Controller that receives PWM for a BLDC. I was able to get the HelloSpaceNavigator.py program to run but am having trouble editing the SNDrive.py file to fit my motor controller. Is there a code that does not include the LED functions?
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