How to hold Pro correctly?

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How to hold Pro correctly?

Post by dez »

If I hold the Pro as shown on the website, I experience a ton of tension in my wrist. I can't use it like that.
The entire device, the entire arrangement of elements - everything is devoid of ergonomics, although it looks curved.

I can somehow use the Pro only by turning it to the side. This way I can somehow reach the buttons without my palm experiencing breaking out. This way my wrist doesn't feel strained.
But then it becomes very obvious that I am using the device incorrectly, because its design is not oriented towards inclined use.

Hence my questions - how to use Pro correctly?
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Re: How to hold Pro correctly?

Post by popevideo »

I taped a wristrest I bought online to my SpacemouseEnterprise. There really should be some wristrest built into it.
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