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Hi there I am attempting to get telemetry from the SpaceMouse Compact in a custom macOS app. I'd like to evaluate its suitability for robot control, but the app is not published and has no website so I can't apply to become a developer. IOKit reports the SpaceMouse Compact as an HID multi-axis controller, but it doesn't seem to receive any events from it. Am I required to configure or register the device before hand with the SDK? Is there any other way to get access to the SDK? If you want your products to be widely adopted, it seems logical to be more open with the SDK.
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Re: IOKit.hid

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If you have installed the 3DxWare 10 driver, then you will not get any data from the device using IOKit. This is because the driver exclusively grabs the device.

When you uninstall the driver, you will notice that hte system uses the SpaceMouse data to control the mouse pointer, a undesirable feature and the reason why the driver has to make an exclusive grab. You may want to take the same approach in your program.

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