Space Navigator support in windows GLUT

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Space Navigator support in windows GLUT

Post by griffin2000 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:57 pm

I added support for the space navigator to the OpenGL utility library GLUT for Windows (previously the Spaceball functions glutSpaceballMotionFunc, glutSpaceballRotateFunc, and glutSpaceballButtonFunc were ignored on the windows implementation).

I edited the 3.7.6 version Windows GLUT source from here:

The files I edited are in the \lib\glut folder:
  • win32_winproc.c
I've uploaded them here:

A compiled version of the binaries (Windows 7 VS2010) are here:

I've not tested then rigorously but I've tried them on a couple of our cross platform GLUT apps and it seems to work pretty much the same as the MacOS implementation.

Any feedback welcome (also feel free to post these files somewhere more permanent than

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Re: Space Navigator support in windows GLUT

Post by Revan1988 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:36 am

Hi i've got a question about this.
I've downloaded your compiled binaries for windows.

How can i use that?

I've got an app that uses GLUT to open obj files.
I need to use the space navigator to rotate, zoom in/out and move the 3d object.

Now it is encoded as mouse functions in the main file of my project.

In your edited Glut how can i set up all the event (like 3d mouse moving and else)?

Thank you, and sorry for my bad english...

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