Rhino 6 Windows SpaceNavigator Rotate changes direction

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Rhino 6 Windows SpaceNavigator Rotate changes direction

Post by devingray » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:06 pm

I'm using a SpaceNavigator on my Microsoft Surface Book 2 in Rhino 6 for Windows.

FYI - I prefer to use up/down for zoom and I also prefer to twist/rotate the knob to rotate the camera on the z-axis.
I've attached my exported settings (I tried, but the file type wasn't accepted, so any questions regarding my settings, please ask!). You'll also see I purposely 'lock horizon', and therefore don't require the sideways tilt option.

The issue - Focusing on rotating/twisting the knob... If I am rotating in one direction and then simultaneously tilt the camera forward or backward to look up or down, as the camera's view vertically crosses the 'camera's horizon' the direction of the rotation begins reversing and spinning in the opposite direction.

I used to use Rhino for Mac and that never happened, I could rotate in one direction tilting over and under my model the whole way around without it losing control. Using the SpaceNavigator was an absolute pleasure, but ever since I started using the 3D mouse on my Windows laptop it has been far more difficult and super frustrating.

If you understand my explanation, then you should be able to imagine the fault that would arise when looking at my model perfectly level with the ground plane and simply trying to rotate around it in some direction only to have the camera basically freeze and not move at all because it doesn't know which way to go.

I've tried a million different setting combinations and I cannot find a solution. Please save me!

Meanwhile, I have been using the sideways tilt option to rotate, so I've disabled the twist/rotate option, but using sideways tilt as the z-axis rotate is very awkward.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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