LED ON/OFF suggestion

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LED ON/OFF suggestion

Post by deyo246 » Tue May 04, 2021 11:19 pm

Hi all,
published the same post yesterday (my first post ever) but it is not showing on my "created post" list, so I'm duplicating it, sorry in advance:

I have a CadMouse Pro wireless, used with USB cable because of the wireless lower pooling rate, on both Windows and MacOS.
Question: is it possible to turn off the LED light on the mouse, when connected via USB cable?

Once I forgot to unplug the mouse from a laptop (that was asleep and closed lid) during the night, and it drained all the battery from 100% to 10%.

If it is not possible, please accept this suggestion for future updates:
-LED OFF when computer is asleep
-LED ON when using mouse in wired mode
-LED switch ON/OFF in 3Dconnexion software to turn it off forever

with regards

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