Editor to assign custom icons

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Re: Editor to assign custom icons

Post by jwick » Wed Apr 07, 2021 2:31 am

Sorry. The xsi:type=... is for a default file. I should not have included that for you to put into a user file. I'll go back and edit that.

There's always a problem with keyboard localization.

The key that is stored isn't necessarily the key that is printed on keycap. It is really a physical key location that is stored. In an En-US keyboard that is a q. I have to look into the details to see what we do to try to translate that. There is often an issue when one keyboard is used, a different system language is selected, and an application is in yet another language.

In general the intention is that it is, in effect, localized for the user who created it. He presses the keys he wants to replay, and they are saved and replayed back. Depending on the language settings, it will be one letter or another. Confusing things happen with German keyboards were ^z and ^y are swapped.

It does make it hard to create macros for multiple languages. We store the macros separately for the various languages as a result. There are separate files for that. I have not yet implemented a way to transfer that information to a single cfg file.

It might be best to let the user create the macros in our GUI and you add icons to them.
You are correct, there is no way to edit them after the ButtonAction is created. These are issues we would need to address if we implemented this.

I wouldn't dig too deep into the multiple listings of the Ligne macros now. If it works, let users have a go at it.

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Re: Editor to assign custom icons

Post by Repier37 » Mon May 03, 2021 3:39 am

For information, I have released a new version of the tool. Now with preview of already assigned icons. Useful when you don't remember which icons already have it.

I took your suggestion of keeping the tool has it is for now (not adding macros creation support).

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